Never stop learning. Never stop developing.

System developer Daniel Nilsson has two passions: programming and Lego building, both demand creative thinking.

Born in Umeå, Sweden, in the late 1970s, Daniel’s family moved further north to Luleå when he was a one-year-old. It was here that his desire to understand how things work grew, leading him to dismantling whatever came his way. Even now, he still wants to know how things, like his TV work, even if he doesn’t go as far as to unscrew the whole thing.

Influenced by his father’s work in the computer industry, it was no surprise that Daniel followed in his father’s footsteps. In high school, he studied the technical-focused Natural Sciences program before going on to graduate as a Civil Engineer in computer science at Luleå Technical University.

Daniel joined BnearIT (now Data Ductus) the same week that he presented his thesis, and he has remained with the company for the past 15 years. He thrives on new challenges and constant learning, something that he gets in his role as a consultant. And as he likes to say, The IT industry is fast-paced – there are always new and exciting things to learn that can help in the delivery of services.

Daniel is a senior system developer, taking on the role of architect from time to time. However, he enjoys coding the most, as it’s about building things and getting creative. He often compares this to his interest in technical Lego, which he explains is about taking small pieces of something that, individually, aren’t very special, but when put together become a meaningful whole.

Daniel likes hiking in the mountains or ice skating across the frozen lakes when he’s not at work. He’s also a dab hand at curling; his team is in Div 1 North. But when indoors, he turns to Lego, where he builds a new kit with thousands of pieces every year. He’s even introduced an annual Lego gala evening at the Luleå office.