Self service portals are becoming the norm in our industry. Nowadays, end customers expect them as part of signing-up for a service. They want to report issues, order, modify and cancel services. Long waiting times on the phone or waiting for email responses lead to unsatisfied customers, while staff that are answering enquiries could be busy performing other tasks, which will also reduce Your customer service costs. Additionally, allowing customers to sign-up for new services themselves – rather than having to contact your business – means revenues are generated quicker.

To do this, requires user-friendly self service portals that give customers control of their subscriptions and services, without interfering with operational processes. Once deployed, personnel that no longer work with direct customer contact, will have time to process the manual parts of operations that have not  been automated, reducing their stress levels and helping you to meet customer expectations.

Self service portal design that meets customer needs and system capabilities

We can design self service portals that suite the needs of your customers, based on what is the services in use, the types of data customers wish to view and access, the level of automation in your system and your operational processes.

User-centric development

To ensure self service portals have the optimal features and deliver the best workflows, clients are involved at the initial stage of the design process. Here we define the scope and the current and future requirements of the self-service portal. Several iterations are designed and tested before we move into development.


  • Investigate current and expected workflow(s)
  • Define user persona(s)
  • Decide Scope
  • Requirements on Look and feel


  • Iterate rough design with mock-up UI
  • Focus on workflow
  • Commonly agree on design


  • Design UI
  • Demos
  • Implement back-end
  • Implement front end

Delivery and final test

  • Delivery into customer lab
  • Perform acceptance test
  • Testing and training

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