Network Automation

The impact of 5G is accelerating the need to automate networks and processes. Users expect flawless operations, a rapid response, and new innovative services; machines require them. Many of the services and operations that are done manually today can and should be automated – saving time and resources, eliminating manual errors, and improving service delivery.  

Building on your existing investments

At Ductus we can help you no matter how far you have come in the automation lifecycle. Our approach is to build on your existing investments, rather than rip out and start again, which is why we recommend an automation assessment to identify any quick wins before moving onto long-term goals. We also reuse or re-work code and systems that were developed for previous assignments further reducing project costs and speeding up delivery.  
We succeed when your network is optimized, your customers are satisfied, and your focus and resources can be targeted on developing value-adding services rather than maintaining systems unnecessarily. 

Network automation offerings


Automation assessment and guidance

I need to automate my network or understand why my automation project is not successful

NOC/SOC audit​

Help me transform to a proactive service-centric operations center


I need to speed up the time to deliver​ network services to my customers.​

Cisco Crosswork NSO expertise​

I need a fast and ​high-quality​ Cisco Crosswork NSO​ implementation​

Telco cloud​

I need to implement an​ agile virtual infrastructure​


Network assurance

I need to enhance the network ​quality and detect issues ​before my customers do​

Software quality assurance

I want to secure quality assurance throughout software development and delivery

Automated software testing

I need to enhance the delivered quality of my software-based network services​


Network process automation

I need to automate processes across domains​

Network portals

Operations staff need​
User-friendly and efficient​
tools to perform their tasks

Self service portals

I need to improve the customer interaction​


Ductus Device Management Automation Platform (DMAP)

I need an automation platform that simplifies network management tasks and provides a unified approach to handling network device configurations.

Some of our recent deliveries to the industry

Automation, orchestration and service quality in physical and virtualized networks.

Automation using NSO for 5G backbone connectivity and base configuration of multiple 5G related devices.

Orchestrated service assurance for 5G nano services when onboarding devices, using Netrounds integrated with NSO.

Order and configuration of SDWAN services, including operational/self-service portals plus the creation of level 2 and 3 VPNs for mobile networks.

Monitoring and virtualization of IP networks.

Automation, orchestration and service assurance in mobile networks.

Digitalization and automation of business processes.

Development of test tools for mobile networks.

More about our network automation services

The Ductus four areas of network automation are designed to function standalone or as an end-to-end solution that can help you take the next steps in network automation and orchestration. Depending on your requirements, we offer different consulting services ranging from basic consultant support on a project-by-project delivery through to taking full responsibility for your automation strategy and development as an integral part of your operations team.  

Automation Assessment 

Knowing where to start or where to continue remains one of the toughest challenges for network providers. You may have started projects that weren’t completed or completed projects that didn’t deliver on expectations. Either way, a thorough assessment of your current situation will provide the necessary insights to develop an automation plan to start introducing new efficiency in your operations and processes.  

Automation assessment and guidance

Service Delivery 

Based on the automation assessment we can identify which actions should be taken to improve existing and new service deliveries. Is it time to migrate to a telco cloud, if so which: Kubernetes for microservice containerization, OpenStack, VMware, RedHat as VNF infrastructure? Perhaps you need the expertise to turn your Cisco NSO into a best-in-class network automation platform. We add value to your existing automation investments. 

Service orchestration lifecycle | Cisco NSO expertise​ | ​Telco cloud

Service quality  

Today, new innovative services are the key to differentiating your brand, assuming service quality is assured. Services that don’t meet expectations will fail and hurt your brand. Too often, customers find issues before providers. You can be forced to choose between releasing early or not at all. We automate testing to reduce service backlogs – speeding up time to market – and introduce proactive service programs.

NOC/SOC audit​ | Network assurance | Software quality​ assurance

Process automation  

It can be difficult to know where to draw the line between a process and the network. However, this is a critical part of your automation journey. We help you to define this and introduce automation to your processes that can deliver quick and long-term wins. A typical example of this is building self-service portals that give customers the ability to control their service requirements.     

Network process automation | Network portals | Self service portals


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Global Tier-1 Service Provider

Becoming a software company

If you are reading this, it’s probably because your operations require or can be improved through automation. You’re not alone. Most communication providers have made platform automation investments. Typically, a few services have been automated, while many remain stuck in manual-mode. You may even have come much further that, but virtualization, 5G, and other factors mean the goals are always moving and there remains room to improve.  
New technologies such as 5G also bring with it new competitors with large resources, including software companies including the ‘Googles and Microsofts,’ of the world. They are automation experts, have their own network infrastructures and have the scale to quickly role out new services.  
This change in the competitive landscape means it’s even more important to act now. Software is the driving force for development and growth in the network industry. It enables a company to quickly increase productivity, quality and innovation, while at the same time, reduce costs and delivering better services. Ultimately, through software-driven automation, net promoter scores are improved and customer loyalty increases.  
As a communications provider, you must now also become a software company. We can help you do this by filling the software gaps in your organization.  

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your network automation journey.

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