Network portals for operations often come with highly technical and overwhelming user interfaces, or even no interfaces at all. Operating staff have to repeatedly perform tasks on multiple UIs provided by diverse vendors, which increases their workload and can easily lead to confusion.

Typical operations portal issues

Typical issues for staff can range from having to remember how each of the different portals functions, to having to deal with conflicting information. Staff stress levels escalate, operations take longer and are less effective, and error rates increase along with operating costs. In fact, poor portal design often leads to higher staff training costs and greater staff turnover.

Having multiple diverse network portals can also impact future network automation plans, especially when individual staff members are using them differently with the aim of achieving the same results. Not only that, user behavior can vary from the same individual to achieve the same task. If mistakes are made, it can also be difficult to track the process necessary to change it.

Tailored network portals for streamlined operations

We can design an operational network portal that suites the needs of given users and tasks. Useability is prioritized by presenting what is important for users including aggregating the different ways to do things in a unified UI to create common ways of working and only displaying relevant information.


  • Investigate current and expected workflow(s)
  • Define user persona(s)
  • Decide Scope
  • Look and feel requirements


  • Iterate rough design with mock-up UI
  • Focus on workflow
  • Commonly agree on design


  • Design UI
  • Demos
  • Implement back-end
  • Implement front end

Delivery and final test

  • Delivery into customer lab
  • Perform acceptance test
  • User training

Advisory Services 

We offer a series of advisory services designed to help you get the most from your portals and network. These include:

  • Requirements studies to analyze how to improve operational efficiency
  • Workshops focusing on how you can utilize self-service portals to improve the customer experience and gain operational efficiency
  • NOC/SOC studies on how to improve operations by providing portal access to operations teams

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