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Case studies

”With the help of Ductus and Crossbreed, E.ON has built an agile service platform, which delivers a serious competitive advantage”

says Peter Jervgren, Enterprise Architect at E.ON.


One secure organization – IAM solutions for physical and digital security

For many organizations, the realms of physical and virtual IT security are merging as companies look to digitalize more…

Helping banks meet PSD2 and the continued implementation of open banking regulations

With the introduction of Payment Services Directive Two (PSD2) regulations, banks were forced to reassess their…

What DevOps teams can learn from dog agility

Continuous Delivery is the promise on which DevOps too often fails to deliver. The extreme programming movement started…

Digitalization transforming human performance

Digitalization changes the way humans act, live and work. Amazon has replaced thousands of stores, but built a huge…

System of systems, machine learning and AI

We have yet to design a system that passes the Turing test. But the machine learning that takes place today certainly…

Architecting agile

In software development, agility typically refers to iterative and collaborative methods of working. Agile methods…

Everything as a Service – in your cloud

Software design and system development is impacted by the current cloud shift. For new software solutions, the ability…

IT goes IoT

Considering the speed with which IT landscapes are currently changing, how we manage the future is more important than…

IoT defined

People talk a lot about IoT these days. But it seems they rarely mean the same thing. Not surprisingly, this leads to…