System of systems, machine learning and AI

We have yet to design a system that passes the Turing test. But the machine learning that takes place today certainly means our AI driven machines are getting smarter by the day.

The sheer amount of Big Data and the new levels of analytics achieved on data-in-transit as well as on data-at-rest, brings modern IoT solutions to levels of intelligence that was unheard of just a few years ago. Thus, understanding and using this intelligence is a must for companies and organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve.

Harnessing this in larger IoT infrastructures opens up yet further opportunities. “Systems of systems”, whereby the capabilities of AI machines are pooled into one powerful system, offer greater intelligence and performance. Enough to fool Turing? Well, if not today, potentially tomorrow.

IoT and AI for industrial IT

At Ductus we specialize in bringing together IoT, AI and smart-machines for our industrial clients. We help organizations assess the interoperability of existing solutions, define new infrastructure and ecosystem requirements, and ultimately combine the different elements of a system to deliver day-by-day improvements. And the results speak for themselves.

In industrial bakeries we are freeing up time for people to develop new and exciting recipes as AI runs the ovens and ensure the best baking results. We orchestrate actuators in industrial kilns to communicate with an intelligent central system so wood is dried at the right temperature and to the millisecond (see case study). We have added analytical intelligence to already quite “smart cameras” to help minimize waste through benchmark learning in furniture factories. In mines, our software solutions help optimize and automate operations. Public water supply agencies use our solutions for early detection of water quality issues. And these were just a few examples.

A new industrial revolution

Conclusions drawn from these engagements with industrial clients: digital transformation revolutionizes not only the business models and go-to-market strategies of producers we have worked with. It also profoundly changes the way they produce and the quality of their products. Machines that fail to learn in time and production lines without any AI, increasingly become a business risk.

What AI does for machine learning, workshops do for people. As consultants always are keen and curious to learn from our clients.