Network services are becoming mission critical. Enterprises must ensure connectivity services are provisioned flawlessly and are securely available whenever and wherever needed. Communications service providers have to drastically reduce the cost and time it takes to provision network services in order to stay competitive. Managing lifecycle service orchestration is central to this.

The holistic service orchestration lifecycle

To solve the fundamental challenges of today’s networking environment, it’s essential to take a holistic service lifecycle perspective. This means thinking beyond network configuration, to future-proofing it through automation, testing and monitoring. A network must support ‘on-the-fly’ changes in order to handle varying demands, as well as incorporate usage monitoring, billing and other operations processes.

The complexities of hybrid clouds, IoT and 5G networks makes it ineffective to manage the network service lifecycle with ‘humans in the loop’. Furthermore, increased competition for speed of delivery and network service quality puts higher demands on automation and correctness.

Overcome network service challenges

At Ductus we can help you solve these network service challenges. With extensive service orchestration experience, our highly skilled developers deliver solutions based on industry-standard products. If required, we can also develop custom based solutions.

Once deployed, service provisioning times are reduced from weeks to minutes, human errors are eliminated, and the customer experience is improved – giving you a competitive advantage.

With over ten years of successful network automation project deliveries for tier 1 operators and large enterprises, you can be certain that your solution will be delivered on time, on budget and in line with KPIs. Furthermore, our proven experience means there is no second guessing, or resource heavy experimentation – you can take full advantage of the learning curve from previous projects.

To further support a successful outcome, all assignments are carried out in collaboration with your team. This also facilitates better maintenance and development of your solution over the long-term.

With over 10 years of experience you get the benefit of our software engineers’ learning curve, as well as proven tools and models for fast and effective delivery.
Advisory services

Start your automation and orchestration journey

We can help you get started with network service orchestration today: Network automation readiness assessment

  • Advice on orchestration product selection 
  • Architecture for custom orchestration 
  • Audit and improvement studies for existing automation projects and systems 

Successful orchestration implementation

Our experienced automation experts ensure your orchestration project is a success. We can support you with individual expertise, smaller project-based teams all the way to a complete solution implementation.
The scope of typical projects covers aspects such as:

  • Network services like L2/L3 VPN provisioning
  • Automation of the virtualization layer (OpenStack or VMware) 
  • NFV orchestration 
  • VNF onboarding and validation 
  • Closed loop orchestration with assurance
  • Integration with order tools, for example, order management systems, billing systems, inventory systems and resource management systems such as IPAM 

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