For large IoT deployments, it becomes essential to remotely monitor, maintain, and manage connected devices. Connecting devices is a long-term engagement and IoT device management tools help you to make sure devices work properly and securely. However, selecting and configuring the right tool can be overwhelming.

IoT device management is challenging; it must be secure, easily scale, and be cost-effective. Additionally, it should be relatively easy to get started, meet the needs of support/service technicians through to the end-user, and be adjustable for future requirements. 

Our holistic approach and skilled consultants will help you tailor the right solution for your business.

Selecting the right IoT device management solution 

When selecting management software, you need to consider multiple factors, such as cost, integration with other platforms, a solution’s capabilities, and security. We can help you formulate current and future needs and find the right solution to meet your requirements moving forward.

For medical devices and life science applications, regulations put additional requirements on your digitalization technology. To find out more about how we can help you with this visit Life Science services.

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Integrate with existing infrastructure 

Your existing infrastructure is critical to keep the business going. Any downtime will directly impact operations and results. By integrating device management, you can minimize the number of avoidable production stops, thus increasing business continuity and keeping your customers happy. 

We can help you gather and understand insights from your sensor data by setting up a data processing pipeline. Based on this, we can automate actions when certain events occur. 

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A sample of our cases 

Industrial IoT 

Using device management, we connected large and diverse fleets across multiple sites to provide remote troubleshooting, monitoring, software updates, and connected devices.

The number of devices can rapidly increase and become overwhelming. Device management offers a way to stay on top of everything before it becomes a problem. By logically structuring devices, it becomes more apparent where devices are located, easier to create services using data from the devices, and easier to remotely diagnose and fix issues.

Device performance and usage is now used to make better business decisions at the clients.

Consumer IoT applications

Using IoT device management and over-the-air (OTA) updates, we ensure our client’s end-customers are always running the latest software. Bug fixes and updates are automatically pushed to improve security and/or add functionality.

Devices are configured to update to the latest software on power-up and to ensure end users get the best possible experience at all times. 

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