Today’s service providers have to increase the speed and reliability of their infrastructure and service deployments to remain competitive. However, too many of them lack a fully automated software testing process, which can lead to a backlog of features awaiting testing or untested features being released to customers.

These all too common scenarios can be avoided with the right software testing services which combine automation, software quality assurance and the latest DevOps.

With the right combination of automation, DevOps and quality assurance you canavoid typical feature-driven issues.

Transitioning to a software organization

We all understand there is a need to evolve rapidly with available technologies. This goes beyond using software to automate the infrastructure and service deployment process, and leads to you becoming a software organization with a highly automated and integrated digital ecosystem. 

However, while many providers have started implementing a vision of high throughput, high reliability operations, some still lack the time and expertise to complete the journey by ensuring that automation itself is as reliable as the infrastructure promises to be. 

Automated Software Testing Service

The Ductus Software Testing Service helps you test and deploy your automation infrastructure and enables you to complete the transformation into a true software development organization. Our services are comprised of:

  • Software quality process assessment workshop 
  • Software quality unit and end-to-end test development 
  • CI/CD pipeline deployments 
  • Virtual test lab service 

These provide the full lifecycle of software testing, from service development to validated, monitored, and assured infrastructure deployments.

We begin with a workshop to analyze your goals and help you envisage potential opportunities for automated software testing. From there, we develop the necessary test automation to verify that your infrastructure and service development can be used to achieve business goals in a matter of minutes, rather than days. This is achieved with best-in-class test automation tools and a specially-developed cloud-based ‘virtual test lab’ that can dynamically create models of your test target infrastructure in the cloud framework of choice.

With this set of automated tests we are able to run accurate reproductions of test target infrastructure, while services can be verified long before they are deployed on customer-facing infrastructure. 


Faster release of validated software-based services

Minimized incoming ticket flow to customer care

Quicker time to market for new services

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