Migrating applications to run in virtual and cloud-based infrastructures is quickly becoming the de facto method for service providers and enterprises that wish to roll out new customer services rapidly, while simultaneously reducing operational expenses. Our Telco Cloud Migration Services can help you achieve this quickly and effectively with little or no impact on operations.

Telco cloud expertise

Cloud migration

Our experts can support you with planning, building, testing, deployment, and operations of your new virtualized infrastructure, to ensure successful migration. 

At Ductus we have extensive experience from telco migration services. We have helped customers take their first steps into microservice containerization all the way through to working with the world’s largest carriers as they develop their fully virtualized 5G infrastructure. Our complete lifecycle software development services for a virtual infrastructure include:

  • Cloud Migration Planning Services
  • Telco Application Migration Services
  • Multi-vendor Orchestration and Integration Services
  • Virtual Test Lab Services

Best-in-class virtual infrastructure

Each of these services can be tailored to incorporate best-in-class virtual infrastructure such as Kubernetes for microservice containerization, OpenStack, VMware, RedHat as VNF infrastructure, several public cloud providers for public cloud deployments, or any mix in between for today’s hybrid-cloud environments. With the Ductus commitment to quality, we also provide the Cloud Migration Planning Service and the Virtual Test Lab Services to complete the 360 degree approach to every software assigment as part of your network automation and orchestration plan. 

Ductus Telco Cloud Migration Services enable telecommunications service providers to introduce cloud computing and virtualization into their network applications by removing the risk associated with deploying these technologies into their legacy environments. The net effect is to reduce the cost and time-to-production for cloud-based network functions and applications. 

We provide full-life cycle services to make your cloud transformation successful throughout all phases from assessment to operations.

Cloud transformation

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