Are you missing out on the potential on offer from the latest cloud technology? With the right cloud consulting services and proven cloud components, your organization could speed up product development and lower costs by only paying for the resources you need. 

Perfecting a cloud transition is diffucult. To use the cloud efficiently, you need a good grasp of best-practices, extensive knowledge of differing cloud components, and expertise on product to cloud implementation. Additionally, you may also have existing applications running on-premise or in a private cloud that you need to integrate with a cloud-native product. 

Our experienced consultants, can ensure your organization uses a secure and cost-efficient solution with expert monitoing for each of your services. Cloud adoption is a journey, and we are with you every step of the way from idea to working solution.

AWS Consulting services

We specialize in developing AWS solutions that solve your needs in accordance with your budget. We work together with your IT team, bringing cloud expertise to the organization, to build AWS solutions that support operations and scale as your business grows. From Architects and Developers, through to Project Managers and Machine Learning Specialists, we have the AWS skills and experience to design and develop a solution and run and manage it long-term, while you focus on your core business.

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Cloud transition guidance  

Working closely together, Ductus can help you strengthen your cloud adoption strategy to ensure business requirements are met. We can help you follow the cloud providers’ recommended best-practices to ensure secure and efficient operations. If you have existing on-premise deployments, we can help you decide whether to migrate to the cloud or run in a hybrid environment. 

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Developing cloud-first applications

At Data Ductus, we understand the importance of cooperation with stakeholders when delivering the right solution for your business. We believe successful software development is a combination of innovation, technology, and requirements . 

Our skilled developers can implement cloud-first applications, fully leveraging proven managed services, or migrate existing applications. 

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Migrating existing applications 

Migrating on-premise workloads often leads to lower infrastructure and operations costs, fewer downtime hours, and more efficient IT infrastructure management. Possible strategies range from rehosting (lift-and-shift) to a complete redesign of the application. Which strategy to chose depends on multiple factors such as the amount of work needed, potential cost-savings, and how much the application is used. We can help you define the benefits of migrating as well as planning and executing the migration. 

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Product maintenance and monitoring

At Data Ductus, we know how to utilize cloud functionality to make sure applications are running smoothly. We know which monitoring tools to use and can educate operations teams on how to oversee the service landscape. We can also provide monitoring, support, and error handling as a complete, managed solution.

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Example customer use cases


We have helped multiple clients to automate manufacturing operations by leveraging edge computing, machine vision, data lakes, and analytics tools. This is further supported by joining collected process data from disparate sources to provide analytics capabilities that improve quality and reduce downtime.


Through a combination of automation and regulatory software expertise we have helped biotech companies leverage documentation tools and certified cloud components to create auditable, secure products. Additionally, they are able to transform data from instruments and manufacturing to actionable insight.

Communication service providers 

With a global client base of communcation providers we enable you to lower costs and optimize performance by driving digital transformation and data center consolidation. Virtualize network functions in your private cloud promotes flexibility and lower costs.

Power & utilities  

By making previously unavailable data more available we developed new customer oriented service for an international utilities provider. For example, customers could track energy use, receive power outage information in real-time, and report any issues in an app.

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