IT Consultants Data Ductus to migrate in-house application to AWS as part of framework agreement with BMW

Data Ductus has signed a framework agreement with BMW northern Europe. As a part of the agreement, the consulting company’s AWS certified developers will be migrating BMW’s in-house electric car charging management system to AWS and developing the service for wider-scale international deployment.

Photo by Narain Jashanmal on Unsplash.

Data Ductus has signed a framework agreement with BMW northern Europe. As an approved provider of IT services, the international consulting company can be tasked with wide-ranging IT services ranging from network support to automation and cloud consulting.

The first project is an AWS cloud migration that will see a new level of automation brought to BMW’s in-house car charging management system, as it’s moved from an internal application to a serverless AWS cloud.

The in-house car charging management system is used by staff to charge electric company cars. Once entered into the system, BMW staff with the right permissions are provided with an account, allowing them to charge with one or multiple charge providers, and issued with a charge card. The system currently has to be set up and installed on a computer by computer and country by country basis. Once the cloud migration is complete, multiple countries will be able to use the same system, which will be tailored to handle the different proxy connections of national car charge providers.

“BMW built the existing system which connects the two charge providers with the BMW environment here in Sweden,” says Data Ductus, AWS certified developer Magnus Karlsson. “Our job is to migrate it into the AWS environment and develop the flexibility to support energy providers in many more countries, regardless of the protocols they use. With that said, the car charging management system must continue to meet the highest security requirements set by BMW. It will be a hybrid cloud solution that connects to on-prem BMW data centers.”

Data Ductus will be responsible for architecture design, back and frontend development, UX, deployment, testing, and support and maintenance, in the form of a third-line service desk.

“We’re really excited to be working with such a high-profile company as BMW,” says Rickard Åström, Data Ductus CEO. “They have been leading innovation within the car industry for many years. We want to bring the same level of innovation to their IT operations.”

“We are happy to work with Data Ductus as they were able to offer us the capabilities we needed to take on this type of software development, while still providing flexibility and having longevity in mind,” says Johann Steer, BMW IT Manager Northern Europe.

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