Haninge municipality wanted to outsource their ITIL service desk and SIAM services to a reliable and proven provider. Our team run the inhouse service desk while SIAM services deliver an effective multi-sourcing strategy.

In brief


Design and run an in-house ITIL Service Desk that provides IT support and advise, as well as Service Integration and Administration (SIAM) services, and in doing so support Haninge municipality in their aim of establishing a successful multi-sourcing environment.


A governance function based on the SIAM model and an on-premise central ITIL Service Desk – manned by Ductus staff – integrates and coordinates the services delivered by multiple service providers.

How we did it

Following interviews with stakeholders, we defined new administrative procedures and introduced a governance model for central IT-infrastructure and communications suppliers. We then implemented and configured the ITSM suite to meet the new processes before integrating it with other central business applications.


With an effective SIAM solution in place, Haninge municipality is now operating a multi-sourcing strategy. The result is a team of unified specialist providers that work towards predefined SLAs to improve IT delivery and drive innovation across the organization.

About the client

Haninge municipality is located on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, and is home to around 86,000 people. It is responsible for education; social care; urban planning; public elections; recreation and leisure; and more, in the region.

Read more about this case here (in Swedish).