Meet AnnaCarin Falkman: Ductus Skellefteå Site Manager

AnnaCarin Falkman, Ductus Skellefteå Site Manager
AnnaCarin Falkman, Ductus Skellefteå Site Manager
Photo: Jonas Westling

How long have you been with Data Ductus?
I joined Ductus about seven years ago from Ascom – originally an Eriksson spin-off company that developed tools for testing mobile networks – where I was a product line Development Manager. Since joining Ductus I’ve held different management roles, but most recently, I was Head of IT and IoT, covering the entire country. Now I’m the Skellefteå Site Manager, which covers a region in rapid growth.

Tell us a bit about your new role as Site Manager.
It’s an all-encompassing role, where I’m responsible for everything from developing service offerings and business development – something I do in close collaboration with the Consultancy Managers –through to health, safety, and employee satisfaction. I’m also responsible for the LKAB account; even though it’s not in our region, I’ve been involved in building the client relationship from day one.

What type of clients does Ductus work with in Skellefteå?
It varies. We work with global digital solution providers, national energy providers, mining companies, local government, and much more. Skellefteå is at the center of the green industrial movement taking place in Sweden. With that comes a lot of opportunity for an innovative company like ours with a focus on the crossroads of tech and sustainability.

What types of opportunities exist in the region?
It’s no secret that Northvolt’s 500,00 sqm lithium battery plant is being built here, and with that come a host of other companies that will be connected to it, such as suppliers and logistics firms. Then there is the influx of people to the region filling positions at these companies, which puts extra demands on local government services. I see a great deal of opportunity for us, whether it’s developing software solutions or ensuring networks and IT services run smoothly. It’s a collective opportunity, where we can all help one another to be the best at what we do.

What can new Ductus employees expect in Skellefteå?
Well, for one thing, they can play an active role in the green industrial movement that’s happening here. With our breadth of clients and assignments, they will get a smorgasbord of opportunity, which will help them to grow their IT skillsets. They can also count on a competent and collaborative team of experts to support them. And they will be met with a warm welcome in a safe environment. To date, we haven’t been impacted by the economic downturn as we have a long-term relationship with many of our clients. In fact, we’re on a recruitment drive for more talented people, while others are looking to downsize.

Finally, what do you do when you’re not at work?
I have an active life outside of the office. I like to sing, am an instructor at the local gym, and am involved with a number of societies, including being a board member of a local college. And, of course, I like to spend time with my kids and grandkids. It’s hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

AnnaCarin Falkman

Site Manager, Skellefteå

Phone: +46 70 373 03 85