Many large organizations face a major security challenge due to the many and varied authentication and authorization solutions deployed across their IT environments. The mix of tools, services and applications, in the cloud and on-premise adds yet more complexity.

In this session, we present how one of the Nordic region’s main players in retail solved this challenge, and cover some important lessons learned. With operations within grocery, banking, pharmacy and real estate they sure have a complex IT environment to manage. Join representatives from the ICA retail Group, solution provider Curity, and software consultants Data Ductus as they discuss:

  • What IT security challenges large organizations typically face
  • Why a centralized solution for identity management is critical for security
  • Where to begin – the key steps for successful implementation
  • Organizational challenges – setting up a team to manage the solution
  • OAuth and OpenID connect – supporting a wide range of use cases in a diverse organization

Alexander Salwey, Service Manager IAM at ICA Gruppen
Travis Spencer, CEO at Curity
Daniel Lindau, Solutions Architect at Curity
Per-Gustaf Stenberg, Senior IT Security Consultant at Data Ductus

November 18 2021, 16:00 – 16:45 (UTC+01:00)
  • Alexander Salwey – ICA Gruppen
  • Travis Spencer & Daniel Lindau – Curity
  • Per-Gustaf Stenberg – Data Ductus