15+ years and still going strong

After 15+ years at Ductus we find out why Solution Architect and CTO, Mario Toffia, is still excited about coming to work every day.

I started at Ductus because I wanted to develop software that people use, and I still feel the same today. Back in 2001 I was researching tech but felt the constraints of academia were holding me back somewhat. I’d already spent a summer working with IT at a big industrial company and knew that I wanted to work in a smaller, more dynamic environment. Fortunately I found one in Data Ductus.

Since then I’ve been involved in loads of different projects – except developing games, the one thing my kids think I should work with! I’ve worked with telecom, production and logistics companies, developed cloud, IOT and GPS solutions, and built security and administration platforms. And I’ve done it with talented people, both from Ductus and at clients.

After 15 or so years at Ductus I feel like I’ve helped more people learn about technology than I could ever have done in academia. In fact it’s become a passion of mine. There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping others to do great work by solving complex problems for customers through IT.

That’s one of the great things about Data Ductus, we give people the tools to work and the freedom to develop within a customer facing team. As for myself, I’m still learning new things everyday. You have to in this industry; otherwise your knowledge becomes obsolete. Basically, I always want to be on the leading edge of tech. You can’t get more exciting than that ­­– unless you ask my kids of course.