Meet one of our newest student recruits

With her thesis complete, Emma Eliasson, has started working at Data Ductus. We meet her to find out more.

Emma Eliasson

Hi Emma, tell us a bit about your thesis.
I built a python library for NCT – a tool for handling Cisco’s NSO cluster tools. Ductus supports communications companies worldwide with their NSO needs, so this is part of a larger project currently being developed to improve the efficiency and structure of NSO deployments and testing. My thesis involved building the python library and writing the thesis report for the university.

What made you choose this topic?
I’ve been studying games development which involves a lot of python coding, but I was keen to see how it could be applied elsewhere. I met Sara Lindahl from Ductus at a Careers Fair, who later introduced me to Carl-Johan Holst. He had also done a degree in games development at my university before joining the company. He was looking for thesis students who wanted to get involved in the project. It sounded really interesting.

What was it like doing a thesis at Data Ductus?
It was a great place to do it. I had a mentor in Carl-Johan who was invested in what I was doing and was there to help me and answer my questions when needed. I was also made to feel like a member of the team, taking part in stand-ups and going for lunch with everyone. I got a good understanding of what it would be like to work there. I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking to do a thesis program in software engineering.

And you now work at Data Ductus…
That’s right. My thesis is complete, and I’m now working in the NSO team. It’s a fun and collaborative environment. Working closely with talented people who can help me develop my skills and knowhow is rewarding. At the moment, I have an assigned partner, who is also new to the team. We bounce ideas and learn from one another, which I really enjoy – and, of course, we have the support of the wider team as required. I’m currently working with testing to see how code performs, which is new to me. I’m excited about my future at the company.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
I like to game – that’s what initially got me interested in IT, particularly exploring bugs in games. I’m also a keen downhill skier, do yoga when I get the chance and study Japanese on and off.