Ductus Device Management Automation Platform (DMAP)

All devices live on a network, from the fastest optical router to the server in a data center rack to the remote sensors feeding critical telemetry to a centralized collector. All networked devices also require interfaces to enable automation at the network level for proper efficiency, scaling, and security.

Our Device Management Automation Platform (DMAP) is designed to help Network Equipment Providers and Service Providers develop and deploy network management applications. It is widely used in the telecommunications industry for automating and simplifying network management tasks, providing a unified approach to handling network device configurations.

What is DMAP?

DMAP is the most widely deployed data model-driven device configuration management system on the market. It provides the core configuration management, CLI, and northbound interface generation necessary and enables you to automate your networked devices using:







DMAP can be integrated with your management, telemetry, and orchestration systems to provide end-to-end configuration and visibility of your network elements.

Ductus DMAP Services

Ductus Support Program for DMAP includes licensing, support, maintenance and delivery of additional capabilities in the platform. The program is long term and enables usage of DMAP for many years to come.

With our flexible support models and licensing options, any customer within the Network Equipment Provider space can quickly realize the benefits of the most mature, reliable, and feature rich device configuration management software available.

Getting Started with our Device Management Automation Platform

If you are starting your device automation journey, contact us to discuss the Ductus DMAP onboarding program. In our onboarding program we will give you the getting-started support and enable you to quickly get comfortable in the integration of our services on your network products. The product enables your devices to get efficiently instrumented and live on a network, ready for long-term manageability in all mission-critical network environments.

About Ductus

Ductus has been a leading provider in the Network Automation domain for well over a decade. We have extensive experience within Solution Delivery, Support, Maintenance and IT Consultancy services within Network Automation, targeting Network Equipment Providers and Service Providers. Our customer base spans from some of the largest global companies within the target industries to smaller equipment- and service providers and we have the experience to guide our customers on their automation journey based on leading Network Automation products.

Have a Technical Question?

Join the trusted community, where hundreds of users come to discuss key topics ranging from YANG, NETCONF and CDB databases to installation, Core Engines and APIs. No question is too basic or complex. This is where experts and novices gather to raise queries, answer questions and discuss everything around network device configuration management software.

Link to community https://discuss.tail-f.com/ 

Can we rely on the Ductus program to provide a long term support?

Yes, some of the largest organizations within the Network Equipment Provider Industry has chosen Ductus as their support partner. All contracts are long term commitments, and the support program is continuously growing with new customers being onboarded. We are fully committed to the long-term development of this vital component of the network equipment and service provider ecosystem.