If your organization has a Ductus support contract, the support contact person within your organization has the details needed to register a service request with our support staff. If you are not sure who you should turn to, you can send an email to helpdesk (@) dataductus.se and we will get back to you with the details.

If you don’t have a Ductus support agreement, here is a brief overview of our support offerings. Don’t hesitate to contact us, to find out more.

Remote support client

If a support agent asks you to download the remote support client you can use this link:


Ductus Service Desk

Ductus offers a broad variety of support services for client organizations.

1st line support

For some clients, Ductus serves as a primary first line support help desk.

2nd line support

For specific software solutions and services used within a client organization, Ductus may be be responsible for second line support services. Support issues are escalated to second line support if the first line is unable to remediate a problem immediately. The second line analyses problems and identifies the root cause. If the problem still cannot be solved it will be escalated to the third line.

3rd line support

If fixing a problem in a software solution requires that software developers change code, for instance to create a bug fix or to do a patch release, the responsible software engineering team provides third line support. Ductus offers these services for software solutions delivered by Ductus and for software solutions from third parties for which Ductus does application lifecycle management.

You can read more about our related IT Service Management offerings here.