Ensuring software quality assurance from start to finish of any project is a must. High quality software development ensures great deliveries, unsatisfactory code can cause serious delays or worst-case, product failures, while considerably increasing the cost of any project unnecessarily.

Software quality assurance issues

Software quality assurance reaches far beyond the skills of the developers writing code, it’s about having the strategy and processes in place to ensure what is delivered meets the high standards expected by a client. The reasons for software quality issues can be varied but they are often the result of an immature software quality assurance program. Typical issue include:

  • Lack of experience in automated software deliveries
  • Inability to meet time constraints
  • Difficulty in prioritizing tasks and deliveries
  • Lack of or incorrect types of resources
  • Poor communication / collaboration in teams and/or with clients

According to the Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US: A 2020 Report, issued by The Consortium for Information & Software Quality™ (CISQ™) the impact of poor software quality on the United States economy in 2020, was estimated at approximately USD 2.08 trillion. This includes:

  • Unsuccessful IT/software projects – $260 billion
  • Poor quality in legacy systems – $520 billion
  • Operational software failures – $1.56 trillion

The best way to avoid costly failures in your IT projects is with an effective software quality assurance program.

At Ductus we have extensive experience within the field of quality assurance. As a provider of automation solutions to some of the world’s leading enterprises within communications, critical infrastructure, and manufacturing, among others, we are bound to deliver high quality software at all times. To ensure we meet clients’ strict demands, all our development projects are run using the Ductus QualA program.

Best practice / knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge and best practices is a general service, whereby our quality assurance experts hold a presentation and Q&A session based on their experience in delivering large and successful projects. It is designed for those who want to know more about Quality Assurance and what can be achieved by incorporating it into day-to-day operations. The Topics covered include:

Best practice
  • What is quality assurance and what parts of a business does it affect?
  • What are the key components of effective quality assurance?
  • Why is it important and how you can work with processes to improve software development?
  • A short intro to test-driven and behavior-driven design
  • Q&A session

Assessing your assurance needs

When assessing your organization’s assurance needs, we hold workshops and / or interviews with developers and managers to find out which methods and processes are being used and to identify the gaps between perceived and actual quality. At the end of the assessment, we present you with the findings. This includes the mapping of your processes, functions and tools, along with a list of quick wins that can be easily implemented.

Assessing your assurance needs

Developing an achievable strategy

Based on the above assessment, we develop a tailored strategy to help you bring your software quality assurance to world-class standards. The strategy is based on your current state and includes a full program of processes designed to help you reach achievable goals. It involves:

Developing an achievable strategy
  • Testing of the delivery pipeline
  • Methodology recommendations
  • KPI creation
  • Development of guidelines
  • Establishment of quality control gatekeepers

Implementing a quality strategy

If your organization would like further support, we also offer a number of implementation services: This includes everything from implementing the quality assurance strategy to annual quality reviews and recommendations, to the management of your entire quality assurance program.

Implementation illustration

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