If you are responsible for providing critical network services for your organization and / or paying customers, network service agility and quality is key. The best way to deliver this is through network automation, but knowing where to start can be difficult. A Network Automation Assessment from Ductus could be the answer.

In your role you have to increase service agility and quality, while improving the efficiency of your operations. You also have to know which tools will best suit your requirements now and over the long-term. And, on top of that, the organization may need an upskill.

Not surprisingly, the challenges and roadblocks that make automation hard to achieve can lead to organizations sticking with what they’ve got. But ultimately, this can lead to customers choosing other providers as well as continued inefficiencies amongst employees.

Successful network automation implementation

Network automation can feel like a Catch-22 situation, especially if you have been involved in a previous project that didn’t reach completion. But we can help. Our team of automation experts can prepare your organization for a successful network automation implementation, helping you overcome typical challenges, such as:

  • Differing or lacking automation skills among staff
  • An overly complex network and IT infrastructure
  • Internal barriers from those claiming things such as ”automation is impossible since every customer is unique”
  • Identifying the optimal automation tool for your needs
  • A lack of understanding and vision among senior management

Network Automation Assessment

A Network Automation Assessment involves analyzing your current situation and developing a plan that can deliver measurable and achievable results. The objective assessment includes balanced perspectives of all aspects of automation from processes and people to hard-core technology. It also provides a complete service lifecycle view of your network automation needs. 

To carry out a full assessment of your network and organization, we hold a discovery workshop with key stakeholders from IT, Network, NOC/SOC Operations, and Telco Cloud, as well as Product Owners. 

The following main tasks are performed during the workshop:

  • Process mapping of each role and organization across fulfillment, assurance and billing 
  • Mapping of how process steps are performed, e.g. What takes an unduly long time? Where errors are introduced? What can be automated?
  • Understanding of what customers complain about
  • Overview of existing tools including those not in use
  • Staff skills audit
  • Definition of business goals for automation
  • Assessment of readiness to automate from your company culture perspective

Following the assessment you will gain insights and get clear recommendations on things such as:  

Awareness of automation amongst participants  

Candidates for quick wins and where to start network automation

Technical recommendations on automation tools  

Maturity level analysis – recommendations for the best way forward 

Clear business benefits and arguments for automating the network

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