The operations center is the heart of running the network. A modern, highly automated operations center offers a lot of benefits for an organization, including much less manual work. But there can be a disconnect with customers if too much focus is put on network performance and not enough on service performance. Making a NOC-SOC transformation enables you to solve this.

Operations have to become more services-oriented to meet the demands of end-customers, which is best achieved with a highly automated and proactive solution. This means shifting away from infrastructure-centric fault and performance management and moving to end-to-end monitoring and the use of metrics and processes that enable actions to be taken before issues are reported by customers.

The NOC SOC transition

Transitioning from NOC to SOC is no longer an option. Competition amongst service providers is coming down to quality of service. Add to this the move to 5G network slices and IoT applications, and the need for real-time insights into network services, rather than network resources, becomes even greater. 

We offer a holistic assessment of current best practices as well as a roadmap for transforming the NOC into an automated SOC. We provide a balanced audit of your network, including recommendations of the optimal tools, processes and technical requirements. 

Moving to a customer-centric, service focus

We analyze your organization’s abilities and needs and define a roadmap towards a proactive service focused operations center. During the study we look for answers to questions such as:

  • What are the flows for incoming customer care tickets and alarms from the network? Can they be improved?
  • Is there a gap between fulfillment and assurance? Do you monitor what is provisioned? 
  • Information quality: do we understand the real-time status of services? Are the KPIs relevant? Are the alarms useful? 
  • How are tasks prioritized? 
  • Do the support systems reflect what matters to customers? 
  • How do you get a view of the services that customers pay for and use?
  • How can you be more proactive and service-centric? 
  • What can be automated? 
  • What can be pushed to a self-service portal? 

We have helped transition operations centers for companies across the globe on this journey. They have gained the following benefits from this:

More proactive; detecting issues before customers do 

Reduced time to handle customer issues in customer care and the operations center

Automation of resolution tasks, faster and less dependant on key personnel

Making the NOC-SOC transformation will help you modernize the operations center and deliver better services that matter most for your customers.

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