Data Ductus to develop whole-genome sequencing solution for Parkinson’s Disease research

Press release, Skellefteå (Sweden), March 25, 2021: Data Ductus has won a new contract to develop and deliver a whole-genome sequencing cloud solution for leading Parkinson Therapeutics research organization NysnoBioMetriX (NBX) as part of their research to gain a better understanding of the genetic factors that contribute to Parkinson’s Disease.

To gain a better understanding of the genetic factors that contribute to Parkinson’s Disease, the whole genome of patients must be sequenced, analyzed, and compared. Whole-genome sequencing generates vast amounts of sensitive data and metadata that has to be stored securely while remaining accessible to researchers around the world. The data must also be easily searchable and presented in a user-friendly way.  

Regulatory cloud solution

To solve this, Data Ductus is developing an interactive cloud-based platform that can transition with the research as it moves forward. Prototypes will be iteratively developed before the first version of the cloud platform is launched for initial use and evaluation. The solution will be easily scalable to cope with a growing amount of data and will also support the adoption of new capabilities such as AI-based analytics. The platform will meet healthcare grade and privacy regulatory frameworks, such as HIPAA, ISO62304, and ISO14971.  

The solution from data Ductus will incorporate six key technology areas
The solution from Data Ductus will incorporate six key technology areas.

Collaborative design

Speaking about the solution, Senior Machine Learning, and Vision Specialist Martin Simonsson says ”Designing an efficient architecture for storing, searching, and visualizing WSG data requires a comprehensive understanding of how the data is generated and analyzed, which means close collaboration with domain experts. We are working together with the team at NysnoBioMetriX to understand their specific needs in order to design a cloud architecture that can overcome the technical challenges. It is a case of bridging the gap between their internal expertise with the cloud technologies available in a secure and regulated environment.”  

“We are extremely proud to be contributing to the exploration and hopefully future treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Providing a best-in-class solution is essential since it will provide researchers with cutting-edge tools, such as AI-based analytics, which will help propel their understanding of the genetic factors involved in Parkinson’s disease.says AnnaCarinFalkman, Head of IT and IoT Services at Data Ductus. 

On the partnership with Data Ductus, NysnoBio writes ”Bringing these ideas to life, NBX is partnering with world-leading data analytics, AI and privacy leader Data Ductus of Sweden to build and operate the technology platform. With expertise in multiple industries and deep experience in biotech, Data Ductus will build data management systems that fully protect patient privacy and comply with the highest international regulatory standards, and which are built to continuously improve as participating scientists’ and concerned patients’ needs evolve over time.”   

The final cloud platform solution will form part of a broader initiative between the newly formed partnership of Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s (ASAP), The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), and NysnoBioMetriX, the non-profit arm of NysnoBio, to launch a novel, patient-driven data repository.  


Parkinson’s Disease in brief
Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that commonly leads to tremors, difficulties with balance and walking. Parkinson’s Disease occurs when nerve cells in an area of the brain that controls movement stop responding. Some cases of Parkinson’s appear to be hereditary, and a few can be traced to specific genetic mutations. However, patients with the same mutations may have a very different progression of the disease. This leads researchers to believe that Parkinson’s Disease results from a much more complex combination of genetic factors.  

For more information, contact:
AnnaCarin Falkman, Head of IT and IoT Services, Data Ductus
Phone: +46 70 373 03 85 

Amin Gholiha, Principal advisor, Data Ductus
Phone: +46 76 145 92 95

About NysnoBioMetriX (NBX)
NysnoBio and its non-profit arm NysnoBioMetriX (NBX) are dedicated to developing the therapeutic potential of the Parkin protein for patients with serious medical conditions. They envision a future where the power of the Parkin pathway is directed toward specific disease areas, where the activation of the repair pathway can have maximum therapeutic benefits. Their core team of industry professionals and network of academic experts are working together to deliver on the scope of therapeutic potential for Parkin cellular repair.

About Data Ductus
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