Meet Anders Hermanson: Ductus Luleå Site Manager

Anders Hermanson, Ductus Luleå Site Manager

How long have you been with Data Ductus?
Well, that depends on how you look at it. I’ve officially been the Site Manager of Ductus in Luleå since June, but previous to that, I was the CEO of BnearIT, which joined the Ductus family in early 2022. So, if you look at it as one journey, I’ve been on it for over two decades. From start-up, Software Developer, Sales Director, CEO, and now Site Manager.

Tell us about the merger.
BnearIT and Ductus in Luleå have always focused on providing expert IT services and system development in the region, and that hasn’t changed. We’ve just gotten better at it by becoming one dedicated provider, which is reflected in the 25% sales growth we’ve achieved in the past year or so. We’ve also come together culturally. We are one team working towards common goals – something that was made easier by our shared values and northern soul.

Tell us a bit about your role as Site Manager.
It’s similar to my previous role. I’m responsible for growing sales and headcount as we expand our business in the region while ensuring staff are motivated and content. However, now I report directly to our CEO Rikard Åström, and I have a great set of new colleagues that head up the different offices around Sweden. Being able to call on their knowledge and expertise and collaborate with them regularly is a real plus that I didn’t have before. In a nutshell, being the Site Manager in Luleå is a very rewarding role.

What type of clients does Ductus work with in Luleå?
We work with some great companies and organizations. I’m proud to count Scania, SSAB, SKF, LKAB, Tullverket (Swedish Customs Office), and Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) among our client list. That’s government, mining, steel production, and manufacturing organizations at the forefront of tech and innovation, some of whom are the primary drivers of the green industrial movement in the north of Sweden.

What types of opportunities exist in the region?
There’s a great deal of opportunity. This time last year, we didn’t work with Försäkringskassan, now we are a key supplier with a long-term framework agreement. And then there’s potential growth within our existing clients. At some, we’ve gone from contracting on smaller IT assignments to providing an inhouse team working on global system development projects. There are, of course, opportunities within IT Service Management, an area where we are traditionally strong in other parts of the country. And finally, we have the green movement I mentioned earlier, which is driving more business as well as a sustainable mindset – which is in line with our values and goals.

What can new Ductus employees expect in Luleå?
They can expect a warm welcome at a friendly company that cares about their wellbeing and helps them to develop their skills. And they can expect to work on interesting system development projects with great customers. We are growing, and with that comes opportunity. There’s no better place for software engineers looking for a new and exciting challenge in the north.

Finally, what do you do when you’re not at work?
I like to spend time at our summer home and with family. Having said that, I’ve reached the stage where my kids have moved out, so I don’t have to focus on their different activities – which leaves more time for me to play golf.