Thinking of writing a student thesis? Think Data Ductus.

We meet Ductus Head of Sustainability & Quality, Joacim Lindström to find out why students should apply to write their thesis at Ductus.

Joacim Lindström, Ductus Head of Sustainability & Quality
Photo: Jonas Westling

Hi Joacim, Ductus has traditionally taken on computer science students to its thesis program, has that’s changed?
Yes and no. We still have a lot of interesting thesis projects for computer science students, but we have now broadened the program to include other subjects and areas of study.

Can you give us an example?
Absolutely, we recently had a team of students researching the adoption of IT security measures and quality systems in the workplace for their thesis. They study System Science, a field that sits at the crossroads between technology, people, and society – something that is going to become more and more important moving forward.

Why is it important to “branch out” from computer science?
There are a lot of talented people working outside or on the peripherals of IT who can bring added value to our operations, even if software development remains our core business. This is a great way of meeting a new generation of talented people and giving them a platform to show their skills, while helping our organization. For instance, we are now looking for students studying sustainability related subjects that are connected to IT as we advance our own sustainability program.

How can students get in touch with you?
We have a student career page where we list many of the thesis projects that we’re currently interested in running. However, this isn’t an exhaustive list and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, there is an open application form where students can wow us with their ideas for a thesis.

Why should a student apply to Ductus to do their thesis?
It’s a great place to do a thesis. We make you feel like one of the team and provide the prerequisites for success. We are an international company with a local focus and a broad client base, so there is a lot of scope for thesis projects, whether they are IT based or more process oriented. The fact that around 50 percent of students end up being employed at the company pretty much sums it up. You learn a lot and get opportunities based on that.

What former Ductus thesis students are saying

Jeanette Magnusson

“It was a very positive experience. Joacim Lindström, our thesis supervisor, was really invested in the thesis and gave us the help and support we needed. Even though this isn’t the typical thesis done at the company, i.e., a software engineering assignment that generates code as part of a solution, it felt like we were contributing with something important to the company and to Joacim.”

Hannes Larsson

“I got a thorough working understanding of security and cloud technology – the type of thing you don’t get in the classroom. I learned about OAuth, security platforms, access management, API management, API security, and ,of course, AWS security services.”

Emma Eliasson

“My thesis is complete, and I’m now working in the Ductus NSO team. It’s a fun and collaborative environment. Working closely with talented people who can help me develop my skills and knowhow is rewarding.”