Meet Scott Barvick: Ductus Director of Operations Boston and North America CTO

Scott Barvick: Ductus Director of Operations Boston and North America CTO

How long have you been with Data Ductus?
That’s an interesting question. I guess it depends on how you define it. I was initially a Ductus customer about a decade ago. I bought the Tail-F Network Configuration System (NCS), the forerunner of Cisco’s NSO, for my start-up to use as a management system and needed expert consultants, so Cisco pointed us in the direction of Ductus. Data Ductus, Inc. was just starting up in the US, so I worked closely with the team both here and in Sweden. After about three years, I decided it was time for a change, and that change was setting up the Ductus Boston office. Today, we’re based out of the old Digital Equipment Corporation HQ, an old mill in Maynard on the outskirts of Boston. Interestingly, the first client I worked with at Ductus was Telefonica, based in Madrid, Spain. That highlights just how global our business is.

Tell us a bit about your roles.
I’m Director of Operations Boston and the North America CTO. As Director of Operations, I’m responsible for a team of 13 people in the Boston office and for bringing in new talent, whether it’s full-time employees or student co-ops. However, since we’re such an integrated team within the Network Orchestration and Automation Business Unit, if we find the right employee, they can work at and with any of our offices worldwide. I also share responsibility for growing the business together with the other office heads. As North America CTO I manage teams and accounts and explore new technologies to see where and how we can implement them into our offerings. We want to get out early with technology workflows if we can derive added value for our business and clients’ businesses through it.

What type of clients does Ductus work with in the Boston region?
Our biggest client out of Boston is Crown Castle, a large network access provider. However, the team working at our Boston office stretches beyond Boston, including experts in Longmont, Colorado. Our Head UI architect, Joseph Stone, is based here in Boston, and our leading ConfD expert, Ruiying Zhang, has just moved here, so assignments with a heavy focus in these areas are obviously handled from our Boston office, but otherwise, we handpick teams to best serve the clients’ needs. Of course, we have multiple clients on the east coast, but Crown Castle is by far the biggest.

What can new Ductus employees expect in Boston?
They can expect to work with diverse and high-profile companies in an international environment where collaboration with customers, partners, and coworkers is central to the success of our assignments. We have long-term relationships with our customers and partners, thanks to this way of working. We deliver highly technical solutions so you need to have a tech background and a willingness to learn, develop, and share your knowledge.

What about your student program?
We have a really successful program with Northeastern University, which has seen a number of students do their co-op here and go on to be employed with us. I’m currently sifting through hundreds of applications for the next student to join our program – it’s very popular. Students learn a lot here and get to work on real-life projects, so it’s great for their CVs and for us.

Finally, what do you do when you’re not at work?
I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors, whether cycling, hiking, or running – I’ve completed the Boston Marathon several times. I’m also a local Scout leader. It’s good to give back to society, and this is one way I can do that.