We provided R&D as a Service solution to Easymeet to develop.their meeting solutions for a secure, cloud based method of holding congresses, and union and shareholder meetings – where voting is critical.    

In brief


Transform the current on-site delivery model for congresses to a cloud-based service.


Easymeet’s SaaS enables the users to manage their digital meetings online and includes voting, document management, attendance control, video conferencing, and much more.

How we did it

Ductus R&D-as-a-Service team created the groundbreaking functionality in Easymeet. For example, Cisco Webex video conferencing was integrated into the solution.


Easymeet’s customers can now create and manage congresses as well as other formal and non-formal meetings remotely with less effort and less environmental impact. Video conferencing and digital meeting support is now easier than ever.

About the client

Easymeet is the leading provider of digital meetings for unions and political parties on the Nordic market. The company serves the main unions and political parties with digital solutions for congresses and other formal meetings.

Taking on-site services to the cloud

Easymeet’s original business model for congresses was based on on-site delivery. Deploying anything from high-quality wifi to tablets, servers and a high-class digital support system onsite, Easymeet acts as a one stop shop for formal meetings. However, the demand for availability online required new technical solutions and business models. 

Securing live cast sensitive data remotely

Easymeet Online is delivered as Software as a Service, enabling customers to manage their digital meetings online by themselves. The solution supports managing the meeting agenda, attendance control, voting, document management, and video conferencing. Easymeet Online leverages cloud technology for flexibility and availability. 

R&D as a Service

We worked closely together with Easymeet to define requirements and the general architecture of Easymeet Online. The close collaboration continued throughout the development phase where Ductus R&D-as-a-Service was utilized.

“Ductus helped us create the groundbreaking functionality that can take our services to a new level and also enable deliveries to new customer segments.“ says Frans Eklund, CEO of Easymeet. 

Our experts on Cisco Webex video conferencing integrated it into the solution. We also assisted Easymeet with deployment to the cloud and maintenance of the solution. “This is a good example of when our 360° perspective of software development – in the form of R&D as a Service is utilized.“ says Carl Grönbladh, site manager at Data Ductus. 

Remote meetings made e

Easymeet’s customers can now create and manage their meetings without assistance. Functionality that was previously only available on-site during larger conferences can now be used for all meetings. Having the complete solution for video conferencing and meeting support functionality gives the customer a new way to arrange meetings. Conducting meetings remote can also save time and effort, as well as lower environmental impact. 

More information about Easymeet Online is available at the following link: https://www.easymeet.se/easymeet-online/