Successful hackathon in Luleå

Our much-appreciated hackathon was held over the course of an afternoon and evening at the Ductus Luleå office this September. Around 40 participants split into teams and set about creatively solving problems and turning their ideas into code. The evening finished with presentations from each group, and Team DCube was announced as the winner.

The hackathon challenge

If you haven’t taken part in a hackathon before, it’s a time-limited competition where teams collaborate to develop creative solutions to a specific problem. Participants in our hackathon had just 3.5 hours to solve a demanding challenge.

“Together with my colleagues we developed a simulator that generated fictitious flight routes,” says Ductus’s Jack Florberg who was one of the organizers. “Participants received data regarding the first half of the route and their task was to find a solution to predict the second half of it.”

Database crash

The hackathon solutions ranged from complex mathematical calculators to extremely resource-demanding iterative solutions. One of the groups ran the database so hard that it eventually gave up.

“It was incredibly fun to see the different teams working so hard to crack the scenario,” says Daniel Deden, who was also involved in planning the hackathon.”

Focus on competence development

At Data Ductus, we actively work to ensure that every employee develop their skills both during and outside of assignments. That can involve attending technical seminars or knowledge sharing in the form of experiences.

“Here in Luleå, we typically run monthly skills development activities such as the hackathon. Everyone is welcome to contribute to these events, from juniors through to experienced senior consultants,” concludes Lars Frisk, Consultant Manager at Data Ductus.

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