We’re helping Impec bring a new level of automation to equipment inspection in the aluminum industry

We have started a new machine vision assignment with Impec, a leading product and consulting services provider to the aluminum industry. As part of their goal to fully automate clients’ processes, we will be developing a machine vision system to control process flow and equipment inspection in aluminum manufacturing. 

Improving equipment inspection

Introducing machine vision to the equipment inspection process will bring new levels of precision, resolution, speed and reproducibility.  

Speaking about the project Data Ducts machine vision systems specialist, Nils-Erik Olofsson, says “We’re very proud to be working with Impec. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership, in which, through R&D, we can contribute to their development of products and process management.” 

Industry 4.0 focus

Based in Norway, Impec has been developing vision systems for the aluminum industry for over a decade. With a strong focus on Industry 4.0, the company delivers robotic and automated systems for a variety of applications. To support them in bringing new innovative solutions to the market and in particular equipment inspection, Data Ductus machine visions experts will be providing R&D as a service in the form of: 

  • Designing measurement setup  
  • Data collection and analysis  
  • Communicating analysis results to surrounding systems/devices.  
  • Enabling real-time results for immediate actions in-line 

Machine vision solutions

“We are working on a lot of exciting projects at the moment throughout the Nordics as we introduce new efficiencies into manufacturing through innovative machine vision solutions,” says Data Ductus Project Manager, Sara Lindahl. “More and more manufacturers are realizing the benefits that machine vision inspection can bring to automation, both in terms of lowering resource requirements and improving production quality.”  

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