EQP Capital Partners invests €2 million in Data Ductus Associate Company

Press release, Skellefteå, February 3, 2022: EQP Capital Partners, through Private Equity fund EQP Invest, has signed an agreement to invest € 2 million in the Swedish energy optimization services company Crossbreed AB, a Data Ductus associate.

Photo: www.crossbreed.se

Crossbreed AB is part of Data Ductus’ incubator portfolio working on the forefront of digital energy eco-system. The company’s Crossbreed Energy OS solutions comprises a cloud-based infrastructure for smart energy optimization. While most optimization solutions on the market require complex and costly integrations, Crossbreed Energy OS is available through a single API. The company’s key markets include heating system providers, property automation suppliers and energy companies as well as algorithm providers.

”Energy optimization of heating and cooling systems with Crossbreed Energy OS is a clear way forward to lower CO2 emissions. With EQP on board as an investor we can accelerate the continued development of Crossbreed’s innovative product and look to future expansion”, says Urban Lundmark, Co-founder of Data Ductus and Head of the Incubator Business Unit.

More about this announcement is available on Crossbreed’s homepage: https://www.crossbreed.se/news/eqp-capital-partners-invest-e2-million-in-crossbreed-a-swedish-energy-optimisation-services-company/

For more information, please contact:
Urban Lundmark, Co-founder and Head of the Incubator Business Unit at Data Ductus, 070-631 90 61 
Björn Möller, CEO at EQP Capital Partners, bjm@eqpcapitalpartners.com 
Thomas Höglund, CEO at Crossbreed AB, thomas.hoglund@crossbreed.se