Data Ductus provides a team of developers via R&D as a service at game-changing logistics company Adnavem

Press release, Singapore 22/02/22: Data Ductus has signed an agreement to provide R&D as a service to logistics company Adnavem, to support their global expansion. Data Ductus consultants will join Adnavem’s Singapore-based developer team. The contract is scalable to meet growing requirements.

Data Ductus’s expansion in Asia continues to gather pace with the signing of its latest contract. As part of an R&D as a service agreement, consultants from the company’s Indonesian office will be integrated into a team of full-stack developers at Adnavem’s Singapore hub.

Adnavem is a Swedish-owned digital company bringing game-changing ideas to the commercial shipping market. Its solution connects importers, suppliers and shipping companies on one aggregator platform, removing the need for costly broker services and speeding up the logistics process. Beyond this, they also offer integrated logistics tools including such things CO2 emissions calculation tools that enable users to book the most environmentally-friendly routes. Data Ductus consultants will be working with the development, maintenance and management of the service.

“It’s exciting to be working with a young company that is disrupting the market, particularly a Swedish one that has operations in Asia like ourselves,” says Göran Edin, Regional Manager APAC at Data Ductus. “Our understanding of the software lifecycle and how to build a team culture in which everybody works together towards shared goals and thrives, should prove invaluable to Adnavem as they grow. Through our R&D as a service agreement, we will provide new team members as needed be it for testing, development, or for a team lead.”

Adnavem’s onboarding process involves learning on the job. New staff members are taught the platform and trained by the last member to join the development team. Data Ductus consultants will follow this process as they become familiar with the stack. Their software engineering expertise will be utilized and they will also learn new developer skills.

“We’re very happy with our partnership with Data Ductus,” says Andreas Wramsmyr, CEO, Advanem. “Having a Swedish partner that can handle the hiring and management of staff for our Asian operations is a big benefit for a fast-growing company like ours. We see this as a long-term agreement and expect to expand the scope of the agreement both with more software engineers and in other areas of expertise.”

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