Data Ductus awarded contract from leading Danish communication services provider Nuuday

Press release, Skellefteå, 29 November 2023: The Swedish IT consulting company Data Ductus has been awarded a contract for the support and setup of a new network automation platform by Danish communication services provider Nuuday. The contract, which is for an initial one year, began on August 1st, 2023.

Nuuday headquarters. Photo: Nuuday press photo.

Data Ductus is proud to announce its latest contract agreement as it continues to expand its network automation and orchestration offering across Europe. The contract, signed with leading Danish communication services provider Nuuday, is for the support and setup of a new network automation platform.

“Nuuday serves 5.8 million customers, making it a vital service provider in Denmark,” says Peter Sallenhag, Sales Manager Network Automation & Orchestration at Ductus. “We are thrilled to be the lead supplier on this contract which, when completed, will deliver improved automation of services and operations across multiple levels.”

The contract includes setting up the entire automation stack including workflow, inventory, assurance, telemetry, and orchestration services. Ductus will utilize Cisco CX to empower the user experience and streamline network operations.

“It’s great to add another Tier 1 provider to our growing list of CSP clients around the world,” comments Ductus Head of Network Automation and Orchestration in EMEA, Roger Byström, “As a provider of network automation solutions and a preferred Cisco partner, we can call on network experts at our operations in Europe, Asia and North America to deliver value-added solutions for the modern enterprise.”

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Peter Sallenhag, Sales Manager Data Ductus, 

About Data Ductus 
Data Ductus is an IT consulting company that delivers consulting services and solutions. With 300+ employees, the company operates globally with offices in Sweden, USA and Indonesia. Their experienced Network Automation experts provide assessment and guidance, solution implementation and support to CSPs and Enterprises, bringing valuable insights and deep technical knowledge to increase the level of automation.

About Nuuday 
Nuuday is a Danish communication services provider. It operates several assorted brands in Denmark – youSee, TDC Erhverv, Telmore, Hiper, NetDesign, Relatel, and eesy. They deliver market-leading connectivity products and digital services to the majority of Danish homes and businesses.