Data Ductus accelerates sustainability efforts by joining industry association Digitalisationskonsulterna

Press release, Skellefteå, 7 November 2022: IT consulting company Data Ductus has joined the sustainability industry association Digitaliseringskonsulterna (Digitalization Consultants) as it accelerates its strategic climate activities. The association actively works towards the development of a smart and fossil-free society through digital innovation and the opportunities this delivers.

Rickard Åström, CEO at Data Ductus.
Rickard Åström, CEO at Data Ductus.
Photo: Jonas Westling

Just over a month ago, Data Ductus appointed a dedicated Sustainability Manager. Now, as they increase the pace of their climate commitment, they have joined the sustainability industry association Digitalisationskonsulterna.

The association’s members are united in their ambition to pursue ambitious climate work with a focus on helping society to rapidly reduce its emissions. This includes improving its members competitiveness and potential growth by increasing the understanding, within the public and private sectors, on how digitization can contribute to a fossil-free society. By sharing experiences, building capabilities, and cooperating with other consulting companies within Digitaliseringskonsulterna, climate transition challenges can be addressed, and new opportunities seized.

“Our vision is to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through digitalization,” Rickard Åström, CEO of Data Ductus. “The solutions that we develop and implement have the potential to help our clients do this through, for instance, lowering energy consumption. I have high expectations on the collaboration with the other member companies and the exchange of ideas that come with it.”

The association represents the industry on behalf of the government through fossil-free Sweden. As such, it is responsible for developing the roadmap for fossil-free competitiveness and global sustainability that was handed over to the Swedish government in March 2019. All members stand behind the goals of the roadmap and undertake to:

  • Half their own and the value chain’s greenhouse emissions before 2030 and achieve zero emissions before 2045.
  • Integrate climate action into their business strategy in order to help clients readjust and take appropriate steps.
  • Influence climate measures in society beyond their own business.
  • Report progress annually.

For more information contact:
Frida Göthager, press contact, Data Ductus,
Ingemar Jansson, styrelseordförande, Digitaliseringskonsulterna:

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