Meet Ludwig Eriksson: Ductus Uppsala Site Manager

Ludwig Eriksson, Ductus Uppsala Site Manager
Photo: Jonas Westling

How long have you been with Data Ductus?
I’ve been with Ductus most of my working life. I joined 18 years ago as a Service Desk Operative, assisting our biggest client at the time, the Church of Sweden, with IT support. Both of us have been with Ductus ever since! Over the years, I’ve worked my way up, becoming a Service Technician, System Developer, Project Manager, Team Lead, IT architect, Head of a Business Unit, and now I’m Site Manager in Uppsala.

Tell us a bit about your new role as Office Manager.
It’s a three-pronged role where I work closely with different teams to deliver the best results. Firstly, I’m responsible for business development across the greater region of Uppsala where we have a number of key verticals. Next and equally important are the staff at the office – it’s important to ensure they are content and given the support they need to develop while, at the same time, we must attract new talented people. And thirdly, is the office itself, i.e., I’m responsible for ensuring health and safety requirements are met and that it provides a stimulating work environment.

Quite often, the three overlap. For instance, we have initiated a project to analyze how we can redevelop the office. We want to create the ideal working and visitor space for colleagues, partners, and clients. This may result in a renovation project or we may even move to new premises depending on what is best for our stakeholders.

What type of clients does Ductus work with in the Uppsala region?
Uppsala has a lot of public sector organizations and life science companies. These are the two major verticals in the region where we put our focus but, of course, we have clients from other industries. We are the largest IT consulting company by headcount in Uppsala – so we are a popular place to work – but I still think there is a lot of opportunity for us to grow. Last year, for instance, we won the framework agreement to supply IT services to Uppsala municipality and Region Uppsala – and they have now become two of our biggest clients. We have also been providing IT services to Uppsalahem for some time and we continue to work with the Church of Sweden, among others.

Finally, what do you do when you’re not at work?
My free time is usually spent in some way connected to sport, whether it’s watching or coaching one of my boys’ teams, or out doing something myself. I’m a keen golfer, so when I get the chance, I like to get a round in.