Meet Anders Essner: Ductus Malmö Site Manager

Anders Essner, Ductus Malmö Site Manager
Photo: Jonas Westling

How did you end up at Data Ductus?
I started my career at Ericsson. Funnily enough it was in Skellefteå where the Ductus HQ is located. After a decade there, where I’d risen from Developer to Architect to Product Manager of AXE systems for the Japanese market, I joined Tieto, or rather Tieto acquired the Ericsson division. After five years, I moved within the company to Malmö, where I spent another five years, first as Department Manager and later as Partner Manager for the TietoEnator partnership with IBM. Eventually, I decided it was time for a change, and joined Ductus, and here I am, Malmö Site Manager ten years later.

Tell us a bit about your new role as Site Manager.
It’s a wide-ranging role. I’m responsible for business development, client relations, the Malmö IT Services offering, as well as the general wellbeing of staff. On top of that, I’m one of two Consultant Managers at the office.

Tell us a bit more about your clients.
Due to our strong focus on Identity and Access Management we work with a lot of companies dealing with sensitive data and strict regulatory requirements. We help organizations in Denmark, Sweden, and the US to secure their digital services, including banks, manufacturers, utility companies, and public organizations. Beyond this, we work with IT Service Management deliveries in the public sector throughout southern Sweden, provide IT services in the region and provide software services to Crossbreed, a partly owned former Ductus incubator company, which is located in our premises.

What are the opportunities for the Malmö office?
The Öresund region consists of Malmö, Lund, Copenhagen, and the surrounding area. It is the largest commercial center in northern Europe, with many people commuting between the cities and countries daily. It’s a big market for ITSM and IT services, which continues to grow as more companies and public organizations embrace digitalization. Within IT security, the landscape is rapidly changing, which increases more demand for professional Identity and Access Management services. For instance, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated as technology advances, while remote working, and the internet of things means more open networks – a security headache that needs solving. All this creates a lot of opportunity for us here at the Malmö office.

What can new Ductus employees expect at the company?
They will be welcomed into a tech-driven team that prides itself on delivering high quality solutions that solve issues and facilitate better operations for customers. At Ductus, we believe that skills development is central to our success, so they will be challenged and supported to grow, learn, and share knowledge with colleagues on the way. And, as I mentioned, we work with local and international customers, so an understanding and appreciation of different cultures is an important quality in our consultants.

Finally, what do you do when you’re not at work?
When I get the chance, I like to play a round of golf. I also like to cook and, as a house-owner, there always seems to be something that needs fixing or attending too.