Despite global downturn – job opportunities for senior software engineers in Luleå

The global downturn in business due to current instability in the world has left many consulting companies overstaffed as assignments are paused or canceled. At Ductus in Luleå, however, it’s a different story. We have more than ten open positions for senior software engineers on ongoing assignments.

Growth in a stagnant market

According to Anders Hermanson, Site Manager, Ductus in Luleå, “Over the past few years, the IT Consulting industry has been on a massive drive to hire new software engineers, happy to have them sit on the bench until the right assignments are found for them. This can be frustrating for talented developers who want to put their skills to use.”

Unlike many IT consultancy companies, Ductus in Luleå continues to grow, recently winning long-term framework agreements in the public sector and signing new agreements with industry clients including those playing a key role in the north’s green revolution.

Thriving community of software engineers

“Despite the general downturn in the country and beyond, Luleå is a thriving community where software engineers represent one of the largest employee groups. As a company that has been in business here for over 20 years – originally as BnearIT – we’ve had an important part to play in this and continue to do so.”

Ductus in Luleå is currently looking for over ten new senior software engineers to meet the needs of its growing customer base. Three new employees have already signed up to join, and interviews are ongoing for the other open positions.

Develop the digital future of our customers

“We don’t want people to come and sit on the bench; we want software engineers who want to start on assignments immediately. There are great opportunities here to develop the digital future of the modern government agency or contribute to the green industrial revolution. Plus, we promise a welcoming and collaborative environment where personal development goes hand in hand with customer development.”

If you’re looking for a new and exciting challenge but think you have to stay put because of current market instability, Ductus in Luleå should be on your radar. If job security, interesting clients, and the chance to make a difference at the crossroads of IT and sustainability appeal to you, then we have the ideal role for you.

Apply for one of our open positions today and start on an assignment when you join us.

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