Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

The Data Ductus Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement encompasses our responsibilities as a company to the environment, our staff and all other stakeholders. As a business that helps organizations embrace the digitalized future, we believe it is important to contribute to the wellbeing of all those that come into contact with us, while minimizing our footprint for the good of coming generations. 

What is corporate social responsibility?

The Data Ductus Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement aims to provide our staff with a guide to ensure each member acts responsibly for the good of one another and our planet. 

We do this by meeting compliance and acting proactively to assert change where we believe we can make a difference in the community or on a larger scale. Key to this is our Guiding Principles that help us to work and act responsibly. 

Our Guiding Principles 

  • Continually improve performance through learning and collaboration with colleagues and partners. 
  • Offer a creative and secure environment for staff to perform and grow in. 
  • Provide the same professional opportunites for employees regardless of gender, background, nationality, etc. 
  • Strive for cultural diversity and a multi disciplinary workforce. 
  • Work towards a sustainable society.

Meeting compliance 

As a responsible company we strive to meet all relevant compliance regulations in the countries that we operate in. Where we believe this is not stringent enough we will follow our own internal policies. This means:  

  • Respecting the laws of countries, states and regions. 
  • Striving to ensure partnerships are open and transparent. 
  • Ensuring business operations are legitimate.
  • Working with likeminded customers and companies.

Typical example of meeting compliance: With the implementation of the privacy regulation (GDPR) across the EU, we adapt our information security management to ensure alignment in ways that auditors can verify. We also help customers analyze their impact and help them become compliant from an IT perspective.

Preserving our Environment

As a proactive company with its headquarters on the doorstep of the countryside we understand the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. Therefore we have a number of best practices designed to promote environmental awareness and minimize our sustainable footprint. These include:

  • Recycling and using recyclable materials.
  • Conserving energy at all offices.
  • Minimizing fossil fuel usage and reducing pollution.
  • Working with like-minded suppliers.
  • Actively searching out environmentally conscientious projects

Typical example of preserving the environment: We have recently invested in an extensive video communications system at all our offices to limit travel for meetings and the like. Early estimations suggest we will reduce fossil fuel usage by as much as 30% within one year.

Caring for people

Ductus is dedicated to the well-being of staff, stakeholders and people in general that may be impacted by our company and its services. To this end we do what we can to care for people that come into contact with our organization. This includes:

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Protecting the health and safety of employees.
  • Supporting employee education and learning.
  • Respecting the lives of the community and indigenous people.

Typical example of caring for people: We have a policy of investing in software for staff members who want to pursue an interest in a new technology that isn’t currently in use at the organization but may benefit a client. All members of staff can apply for a technology grant.

Supporting the community

With offices on three continents we come into contact with diverse local communities. These communities are important to us as they represent our employees, customers and suppliers. Therefore we actively support them through programs such as university partnerships and learning and education.

Typical example of supporting the community: In Skellefteå, Sweden, we have introduced an educational program with local government and schools to promote IT and programming amongst children and in particular girls. Summer courses have also been held together with other companies in the region.